Samsung Galaxy J6 2018 Original 360 GKK Case Black

৳ 300.00

  • Vibrant Color Border
  • Environmental friendly
  • Protects your device perfectly
  • Ultra-thin and easy for operation
  • High-precision machine molding
  • Tough and scratch-resistant yet flexible

1. Our phone case is especially distinctive for design: mixture of colors and 3-in-1 assembled structure, there are no less than 2 colors of the case no matter you look at it from the front, back or side
2. Meanwhile, 3-in-1 assembled structure involves customer’s in assembling the cases the way they like rather than the way the manufacturers like, so that they can define who they are via our phone case, design makes our phone case chic, highly inter active therefore, our phone case deserves more exposure
3. This phone case is extraordinary and superior in its protective function, state-of-the -art processing and precise cutouts enable the phone case to protect the phone from bump effectively
Phone case is like a shield which shelters every part of the phone including its screen, camera and back



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